EMRX Token Price has increased by 1900%
Emirex.com is growing fast, the number of users joining the exchange is increasing daily. The funds raised during the Private Sale have enabled us to complete the development of the product and to launch a number of other activities. We are already receiving an operating income and are able to develop the product  further without any additional investments.
However, our Private Sale participants are not selling their tokens in quantities large enough to satisfy the demand , thus the market token price began to increase rapidly, and liquidity has decreased. Check on CoinMarketCap
To allow for wider circulation of EMRX Tokens and to grow our community, we have decided to hold an Initial Exchange Offering round on Emirex.com at a fixed price of $0.4 per token.



EMRX Token Info


Accepted currencies for purchase:
EMRX can be purchased for USDT, however, you can exchange BTC, ETH, EUR, USD, EUR, USDC, LTC, BCH to USDT and then purchase EMRX

IEO Token Price
EMRX Token Price: $0.4

IEO Max Supply
25 000 000 EMRX
Hard cap
$10 000 000


Token Distribution Date
2 weeks after the IEO is completed

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Emirex exchange is fully operational








Our Products


A platform for investors and traders, allows digital assets trades to take place in an easy, fast, compliant and secure way.

Emirex Token
A native infrastructure token that is limited in supply and built on public Ethereum blockchain. EMRX token will be used to pay for the products and services of the Emirex Group.

Tokenisation Platform
A primary issuance platform for tokenised assets, specifically focusing on commodities.

Focuses on advising clients, such as family offices and HNWIs on tokenisation projects, as well as various Regional Governments on rules and regulations surrounding Blockchain and Crypto assets.

Wealth Management Services - coming soon
Aims at meeting the requirements of family offices and HNWIs in the Middle East.

Underwriting Fund - coming soon
Supports long-term growth of Emirex by strategic investments in top digital assets issuance, management, and trading projects.

Custody Services - coming soon
Aims to solve the localised need for secure storage of digital assets, which is one of the barriers to adoption of digital assets adoption for institutional investors.

Cold Wallet Ecosystem - coming soon
For EMRX and other cryptocurrencies.


EMRX Token Allocation and Burning 

EMRX functionality is structured around the utility it provides. It creates a growth spiral through the built-in mechanism in which the ecosystem participants can earn EMRX for their participation.

Proactive engagement with the wider community of traders, investors, issuers and partners, who are the direct beneficiaries of the growth of EMRX, drives growth and generates the network effect.


EMRX Burning


Use of Funds

All the funds raised through the EMRX token offering campaign are to be used solely for development of the Emirex Group. Funds will be used in the following proportions:


Use of Funds-1





Group 154-2-1




How is Emirex different from many other cryptocurrency exchanges and projects?

Our extensive experience in the Middle East’s Blockchain industry since 2014 has enabled a clear understanding of the interests, needs, and goals of a wide array of businesses from various industries, for the upcoming ten years.
We are creating a financial infrastructure for local companies/projects and linking them with the rest of the world in the new digital economy.


How does the corporate sector benefit from the Emirex Group’s services:

  • Tokenisation of MENA region’s tangible assets and enabling convenient access to their acquisition for private investors around the world;
  • Full strategic and technical support for the transition of traditional business to the digital economy;
  • Comprehensive access to world-class blockchain professionals for Arab businesses;
  • Licensed activities in the MENA region’s cryptocurrency market. Assistance to governments in creating a working legal framework. Obtaining the first licenses;
  •  A full-service transfer and safe "cold" storage of Arab capital in cryptocurrency, as well as ensuring its liquidity with legal protection;
  • Creation of a more convenient and profitable financial system for corporate cross-border payments, bypassing the expensive and insecure banking system;
  • Signed agreements with relevant partner companies to enter the Emirex Group ecosystem which will significantly strengthen it. The technical integration is underway.

How do the global users benefit from the Emirex Group’s services:

  • Convenient cryptocurrency market entry through the UAE Dirham and other MENA currencies for private investors and traders,
  • Launch of a fund for high potential investment opportunities, that will be accessible for regular users,
  • Launch of the latest income-generation services for users such as staking, lending, EMIREX token mining (unique),
  • Launch of services for convenient handling of cryptocurrencies i.e. free peer-to-peer crypto transfer, wallets, merchant payments, POS terminals, and crypto ATMs.
There are plenty of cryptocurrency exchanges, but none have any of the above near-future plans to be implemented or much influence on large capital in the Arab region. The Emirex Group is the only one creating a powerful digital infrastructure for the development of the MENA region and its connection with the rest of the world.
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For Private Investors

We offer special purchase terms for those who wish to invest amounts equal to or exceeding 1BTC.

Please fill in this application form, and we will contact you for individual discussion.




Grigory Rybalchenko

Founder & CEO

Grigory leads the development of the group’s strategy. With nearly two decades of experience gained in information technology and management consultancy, he has advised multinationals on strategy, digitalisation and implementation of emerging technology, operational performance and efficiency.

Grigory designed and built blockchain infrastructure allowing real-world asset tokenisation. He has advanced degrees in mathematics and economics, holds an MBA from the Open University Business School, and took courses in disruptive strategies at Harvard University.
Grigory was an early adopter of cryptocurrencies and passionate about promoting adoption of blockchain technology and crypto amongst non-technical users through simple and easy interfaces. LinkedIn

Full Team of European Developers

The Founders are supported by the entire team of Blockchain Developers, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Developers, UX/UI Developers, System Architects, Back-End Developers and Cyber-Security Engineers.


Emirex Advisory


Rizmy Shariff

Head of Capital Markets and Trading


Monika Elzbieta

Blockchain Management Consultant, Partner, Founder CGS Group


Jason King

Blockchain Management Consultant, Partner, CEO CGS Group


Jorge Sebastiao

Strategic Cyber Security Advisory


Dr Ahmed Al Zubeidi

Managing Partner Middle East & Strategic Group Advisor

Learn more about Emirex Advisory here



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